Synonyms and Antonyms of void

  1. 1 having no legal or binding force an agreement is void if obtained by force Synonyms bad, inoperative, invalid, nonbinding, nonvalid, nugatory, null and void, nullRelated Words illegal; useless, worthless; ineffective, ineffectualNear Antonyms legal; workingAntonyms binding, good, valid

  2. 2 lacking contents that could or should be present a nuclear explosion that would leave the landscape as void and lifeless as one could imagine Synonyms bare, blank, clean, devoid, stark, toom [chiefly Scottish], vacant, vacuous, emptyRelated Words barren, hollow; available, clear, free, open; unfilled, unfurnished; unattended, uninhabited, unoccupied; abandoned, deserted, emptied, forsaken, vacated; depleted, drained, dry, exhaustedNear Antonyms complete; replete; furnished, provided, supplied; filled, occupied; flush, overflowing, packed, teemingAntonyms full

  3. 3 utterly lacking in something needed, wanted, or expected entirely void of common sense Synonyms bankrupt, bare, barren, bereft, destitute, devoidRelated Words blank, empty, innocent, stark, vacant, wanting; deficient, fragmental, fragmentary, incomplete, insufficient, partial, short; absent, missingNear Antonyms furnished, provided, supplied; brimming, bulging, bursting, chock-full (or chockful), crammed, crowded, fat, jammed, jam-packed, loaded, packed, saturated, stuffed; abounding, swarming, teeming, thick, throngingAntonyms filled, flush, fraught, full, replete, rife

  4. 4 left unoccupied or unused the cornfields lay void under a blanket of snow Synonyms derelict, deserted, desolate, disused, forgotten, forsaken, rejected, vacant, vacated, abandonedRelated Words ignored, neglected, unattended, untended; castaway, cast-off, discarded, jettisoned, junked, refuse, waste; godforsaken, miserable, shabby, wretched; empty, idleNear Antonyms reclaimed, recovered, redeemed, rescued, retrieved, salvaged, saved; reconditioned, rehabbed, rehabilitated, restored; repeopled



Synonyms and Antonyms of void

  1. 1 an incomplete or deficient area a repressed memory that left a huge void in her recollection of her adolescent years Synonyms hiatus, hole, lacuna, space, gapRelated Words defectiveness, detriment, disability, failing, fault, impairment, weakness; deficiency, deficit, imperfection, inadequacy, inadequateness, incompleteness, insufficience, insufficiency, lack, need, shortcoming, shortfall, wantNear Antonyms completeness, fullness

  2. 2 empty space those ancient travelers who traversed those vast watery voids between the islands of Oceania Synonyms black hole, blank, blankness, emptiness, vacuity, vacancyRelated Words nothingness; inane, vacuum; air, open, waste; bareness, barrenness, bleakness, desolateness, hollowness; cavity, gap, hole, hollowNear Antonyms fullness (also fulness), repleteness

  3. 3 an open space in a barrier (as a wall or hedge) the client wanted an old-fashioned stone wall and did not want the voids filled in with mortar Synonyms breach, break, discontinuity, gulf, hiatus, hole, interstice, interval, opening, rent, rift, separation, gapRelated Words chink, cleft, crack, cranny, crevice, fissure; notch, slit, slot, split; interspace, pore; abyss, aperture, cavity, chasm, gape, orifice; fracture, rupture, severance, sundering



Synonyms and Antonyms of void

  1. 1 to put an end to by formal action the court's decision voided the will Synonyms abate, abrogate, annul, avoid, cancel, disannul, dissolve, invalidate, negate, null, nullify, quash, repeal, rescind, roll back, strike down, vacate, abolishRelated Words countermand, override, overrule, overturn, veto; abort, call, call off, drop, recall, retract, reverse, revoke, suspend, withdraw; ban, enjoin, forbid, outlaw, prohibit; disallow, dismiss, reject; annihilate, break down, eliminate, eradicate, erase, liquidate, remove, throw out, write offNear Antonyms enact, lay down, legislate; establish, found, institute; formalize, legalize, legitimate, legitimize, validate; pass, ratify; allow, approve, authorize, clear, endorse (also indorse), permit, sanction, warrant; command, decree, mandate, order, prescribe

  2. 2 to remove the contents of the seller has promised to void the house of all furniture Synonyms clear, evacuate, vacate, emptyRelated Words deplete, drain, eliminate, exhaust, waste; bleed, draw (off); clean, flush, purge, scour, sweepAntonyms fill, load

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