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  1. 1 empty space the seemingly endless vacuity between settlements in the desert Synonyms black hole, blank, blankness, emptiness, vacancy, voidRelated Words nothingness; inane, vacuum; air, open, waste; bareness, barrenness, bleakness, desolateness, hollowness; cavity, gap, hole, hollowNear Antonyms fullness (also fulness), repleteness

  2. 2 the quality or state of being empty the vacuity of the house after everyone had moved out was both striking and depressing Synonyms bareness, emptiness, vacantness, vacancyRelated Words hollowness; blankness, vacuum, void; nothingness; barrenness, bleakness, desolateness; availability, clearness, openness; depletion, dryness, exhaustionNear Antonyms completeness; abundance, fatness, repletenessAntonyms fullness (also fulness)

  3. 3 the quality or state of lacking intelligence or quickness of mind the monumental vacuity of the starlet's comments on the important issues of the day Synonyms boneheadedness, brainlessness, denseness, density, dim-wittedness, doltishness, dopiness, dorkiness, dullness (also dulness), dumbness, fatuity, foolishness, gormlessness [chiefly British], mindlessness, oafishness, obtuseness, senselessness, simpleness, slowness, stupidness, thickness, stupidity, weak-mindedness, witlessnessRelated Words feeblemindedness, simplemindedness; absurdity, asininity, balminess, craziness, daftness, dippiness, dottiness, fatuousness, folly, idiocy, inaneness, inanity, insanity, lunacy, madness, nincompoopery, nonsensicalness, nuttiness, preposterousness, silliness, simplicity, wackiness, zaniness; fallacy, irrationality, unreasonableness; mental deficiency, mental retardationNear Antonyms acumen, alertness, astuteness, discernment, insight, judgment (or judgement), perception, percipience, perspicacity; sagacity, sageness, sapience, wisdom, wit; logicality, logicalness, rationality, rationalness, reasonableness, soundness, validityAntonyms braininess, brightness, brilliance, cleverness, intelligence, keenness, quickness, quick-wittedness, sharpness, smartness

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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