Synonyms and Antonyms of emptiness

  1. 1 a need or desire for food the emptiness that usually sets in about three o'clock in the afternoon Synonyms appetite, belly, hunger, famishment, munchies, stomachRelated Words rapaciousness, rapacity, ravenousness, voraciousness, voracity; malnutrition, starvation, undernourishment; craving, sweet tooth; famine, fast, hunger strike; gluttony, gourmandism, greed, hoggishnessNear Antonyms fill, fullness, glut, repleteness, repletion, satiation, satiety, satisfaction, surfeitAntonyms inappetence

  2. 2 empty space there in the vast emptiness of the desert was a long-abandoned jeep Synonyms black hole, blank, blankness, vacancy, vacuity, voidRelated Words nothingness; inane, vacuum; air, open, waste; bareness, barrenness, bleakness, desolateness, hollowness; cavity, gap, hole, hollowNear Antonyms fullness (also fulness), repleteness

  3. 3 the quality or state of being empty the emptiness of the interior of the isolated house just made it seem all the more eerie Synonyms bareness, vacancy, vacantness, vacuityRelated Words hollowness; blankness, vacuum, void; nothingness; barrenness, bleakness, desolateness; availability, clearness, openness; depletion, dryness, exhaustionNear Antonyms completeness; abundance, fatness, repletenessAntonyms fullness (also fulness)

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