Synonyms and Antonyms of missing

  1. 1 no longer possessed the missing socks turned up in the dog's special hiding place Synonyms gone, mislaid, misplaced, lostRelated Words absent, castaway; irrecoverable, irretrievable; forgotten, unknownNear Antonyms cherished, loved, prized, protected, treasured, valuedAntonyms owned, possessed, retained

  2. 2 not present or in evidence any sense of how real people talk and act is missing from this novel Synonyms lacking, absent, nonexistent, wantingRelated Words dead, departed, extinct, lost, perished, vanished; defunct, done, expired, finished, lapsed, obsolete, over, passé; inadequate, insufficient, rare, scarce, sparse, uncommonNear Antonyms active, alive, animate, living, thriving; current, going, prevailing, uncanceled; common, prevalent; apparent, conspicuous, evident, obvious, plainAntonyms existent, present

  3. 3 not at a certain place our church organist is missing this morning, so we'll have to sing without her accompaniment Synonyms away, absent, outRelated Words AWOL, truant; departed, gone, retired; abroad, vacationingNear Antonyms accompanying, attending, participatingAntonyms here, in, present

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