Synonyms and Antonyms of over

  1. brought or having come to an end the play is over now Synonyms completed, concluded, done, down, ended, finished, complete, over with, terminated, through, upRelated Words accomplished, achieved, attained, compassed, realized; dead, defunct, extinct, kaput (also kaputt), obsolete; expiredAntonyms continuing, incomplete, ongoing, uncompleted, undone, unfinished



Synonyms and Antonyms of over

  1. 1 from one side to the other of an intervening space let's swim over to that island Synonyms across, athwart, through Related Words clear

  2. 2 yet another time several executives missed the presentation and would like you to do it over for them later this afternoon Synonyms afresh, anew, de novo, againRelated Words always, consistently, constantly, continuously, endlessly, ever, evermore, forever, incessantly, invariably, perpetually, unfailingly; continually, frequently, oft, often, oftentimes (or ofttimes); recurrently, repeatedly; freshly, newlyNear Antonyms ne'er, never; infrequently, little, rarely, seldom, unusually; intermittently, occasionally, periodically, sometimes, sporadicallyAntonyms nevermore

  3. 3 to or in a higher place I heard the noise and was startled to discover that the plane was directly over Synonyms aloft, above, overheadRelated Words skyward, upward (or upwards)Near Antonyms underneathAntonyms below, beneath, under

  4. 4 from beginning to end read it over until you understand it thoroughly Synonyms around, through, round, throughout

  5. 5 toward or in a lower position the baby toddled two steps and then fell over Synonyms below, downward (or downwards), downRelated Words facedown; low; downgrade, downhill, downstairsNear Antonyms aloftAntonyms up, upward (or upwards), upwardly



Synonyms and Antonyms of over

  1. 1 higher than the boy towered over his siblings Synonyms aboveRelated Words atopNear Antonyms underneathAntonyms below, beneath, under

  2. 2 in the course of the students learned a lot over the summer Synonyms amid (or amidst), by, during, pending, through, throughout

  3. 3 on or to the farther side of peered over the wall Synonyms beyond, pastRelated Words outsideNear Antonyms inside

  4. 4 to the opposite side of hopped over the dropped ball Synonyms athwart, across, throughRelated Words around, round; beyond, past

  5. 5 in random positions within the boundaries of marbles scattered all over the room Synonyms about, across, around, round, through, throughoutRelated Words on

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the point at which something begins

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