Synonyms and Antonyms of done

  1. 1 brought or having come to an end the demanding job was finally done Synonyms completed, concluded, complete, down, ended, finished, over, over with, terminated, through, upRelated Words accomplished, achieved, attained, compassed, realized; dead, defunct, extinct, kaput (also kaputt), obsolete; expiredAntonyms continuing, incomplete, ongoing, uncompleted, undone, unfinished

  2. 2 depleted in strength, energy, or freshness after bicycling 30 miles we were completely done Synonyms all in, aweary [archaic], beat, beaten, bleary, burned-out (or burnt-out), bushed, dead, weary, done in, drained, exhausted, fatigued, jaded, knackered [British], limp, logy (also loggy), played out, pooped [slang], prostrate, spent, tapped out, tired, tuckered (out), washed-out, wearied, wiped out, worn, worn-outRelated Words overfatigued, overtaxed, overworked; broken-down, run-down; debilitated, enervate, enervated, enfeebled, sapped, weakened; drowsy, heavy, sleepy; lethargic, sluggishNear Antonyms fresh, refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed, rested, revitalized; active, energetic, invigorated, peppy, strengthened, strong, tireless, vitalized, wearilessAntonyms unwearied

  3. 3 facing certain defeat, disaster, or death at this point retailing in the city's downtown is done Synonyms dead, done for, doomed, finished, kaput (also kaputt), ruined, sunkRelated Words endangered, imperiled (or imperilled)

  4. 4 no longer existing the day of the small independent grocer is done Synonyms bygone, bypast, dead, defunct, departed, extinct, expired, gone, nonextant, vanishedRelated Words nonexistent; dying, faded, moribund; collapsed, fallen, overthrown; antiquated, dated, obsolete, passé; finished, lapsed, terminated; lost, missingNear Antonyms active, dynamic, thriving, vibrantAntonyms alive, existent, existing, extant, living

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