Synonyms and Antonyms of extant

  1. 1 having being at the present time <a celebrated author who is generally regarded as America's greatest novelist extant> Synonyms alive, around, existent, existing, living Related Words active, busy, flourishing, functioning, operating, working Near Antonyms defunct, destroyed, exterminated, kaput (also kaputt); departed, gone, lost; nonexistent; idle, inactive, inert Antonyms dead, extinct, nonextant

  2. 2 existing or in progress right now <when people envisage the future, they often base their predictions on the assumption that extant trends will continue indefinitely> Synonyms current, present, immediate, instant, ongoing, present-dayRelated Words contemporary, mod, modern, modernistic, new, newfangled, new-fashioned, recent, red-hot, space-age, supermodern, ultramodern, up-to-date; being, breathing, existent, existing, livingNear Antonyms coming, future, unborn; completed, concluded, done, ended, finished, over, terminated, through, up; ancient, antediluvian, antiquated, antique, archaic, dated, fusty, musty, noncontemporary, obsolete, old, oldfangled, old-fashioned, old-time, out-of-date, outworn, passé; ago, bygone, erstwhile, former, past

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