Synonyms and Antonyms of former

  1. 1 having been such at some previous time the coach is a former professional baseball player Synonyms erstwhile, late, old, once, onetime, other, past, quondam, sometime, whilom Related Words bygone, dead, defunct, departed, expired, extinct, gone, long-ago, vanished Near Antonyms contemporary, current, extant, ongoing, present, present-day; coming, future, prospective, unborn

  2. 2 going before another in time or order the former manual had some errors, but the current version has its own problems Synonyms antecedent, anterior, foregoing, previous, precedent, preceding, priorRelated Words advance, early, premature; earliest, first, inaugural, initial, maiden, original, pioneer; preexisting; introductory, preliminary; erstwhile, whilomNear Antonyms advanced, late; closing, concluding, final, last, latest, latter, terminal, ultimateAntonyms after, ensuing, following, later, posterior, subsequent, succeeding

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