Synonyms and Antonyms of foregoing

  1. 1 going before another in time or order your foregoing statement contradicts your latest one Synonyms antecedent, anterior, previous, former, precedent, preceding, priorRelated Words advance, early, premature; earliest, first, inaugural, initial, maiden, original, pioneer; preexisting; introductory, preliminary; erstwhile, whilomNear Antonyms advanced, late; closing, concluding, final, last, latest, latter, terminal, ultimateAntonyms after, ensuing, following, later, posterior, subsequent, succeeding

  2. 2 mentioned previously for the foregoing reasons, I believe that we have no choice but to deliver a guilty verdict Synonyms aforementioned, aforesaid, forenamed, saidRelated Words above; such; antecedent, anterior, precedent, preceding, prior; introductory, preliminary; erstwhile, former, whilomNear Antonyms below; ensuing, following, subsequent, succeeding

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