Synonyms and Antonyms of anterior

  1. 1 being at or in the forward part or surface of something the anterior chamber of the eye is bounded in front by the cornea Synonyms front, fore, forward, frontal, frontward (or frontwards)Related Words ventralNear Antonyms dorsalAntonyms aft, after, hind, hinder, hindmost, posterior, rear, rearward

  2. 2 going before another in time or order fossils from an anterior geologic age Synonyms antecedent, previous, foregoing, former, precedent, preceding, priorRelated Words advance, early, premature; earliest, first, inaugural, initial, maiden, original, pioneer; preexisting; introductory, preliminary; erstwhile, whilomNear Antonyms advanced, late; closing, concluding, final, last, latest, latter, terminal, ultimateAntonyms after, ensuing, following, later, posterior, subsequent, succeeding

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