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  1. 1 having distinct or certain limits to avoid overcrowding, the number of tickets to the outdoor concerts is limited Synonyms bounded, circumscribed, defined, definite, determinate, finite, measured, narrow, restricted Related Words modified, qualified; detailed, exact, precise, specific; confined, constricted, moderate, modest; minute, puny, small, tiny; determined, fixed, settled Near Antonyms bottomless, countless, incalculable, inestimable, inexhaustible, innumerable, unfathomable; unqualified, unreserved; general, indeterminate, nebulous, vague; enlarged, escalated, expanded; copious, plenitudinous, plentiful; big, bulky, bumper, considerable, extensive, goodly, great, handsome, hefty, hulking, jumbo, king-size (or king-sized), large, largish, overscale (or overscaled), oversize (or oversized), respectable, sizable (or sizeable), substantial, super, vast, voluminous, whacking; epic, grandiose, major; ample, broad, comprehensive, cosmopolitan, expansive, global, inclusive, sweeping, universal, whole Antonyms boundless, dimensionless, endless, illimitable, immeasurable, indefinite, infinite, limitless, measureless, unbounded, undefined, unlimited, unmeasured

  2. 2 having a limit competition for limited resources among growing populations is often a source of international conflict Synonyms finiteRelated Words circumscribed, confined, restricted; definable, defined, definite, determinate, discrete; decided, established, fixed, set; exact, precise, specific; fathomable, measurable, mensurable, numerableNear Antonyms unconfined, unrestricted; immeasurable, indefinite, indeterminate, measureless, undefinable, undefined, unfathomableAntonyms boundless, endless, illimitable, infinite, limitless, unbounded, unlimited

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