Synonyms and Antonyms of unlimited

  1. 1 being or seeming to be without limits no ruler should ever be given unlimited power Synonyms bottomless, boundless, endless, fathomless, horizonless, illimitable, immeasurable, immensurable, indefinite, limitless, measureless, unbounded, unfathomable, infiniteRelated Words abysmal; countless, incalculable, incomputable, inestimable, innumerable, unmeasured; exhaustless, inexhaustible; extensive, far-flung, immense, vastNear Antonyms fathomable, measurable; depthless, shallow, superficialAntonyms bounded, circumscribed, confined, definite, finite, limited, restricted

  2. 2 not limited or specialized in application or purpose an insurance policy that offers unlimited coverage in case of loss Synonyms all-around (also all-round), all-purpose, catholic, general-purpose, general, unqualified, unrestricted, unspecializedRelated Words mixed-use, multipurpose; broad, wide; nonspecific, unspecified, vagueNear Antonyms bounded, circumscribed, confined, definite, demarcated, determinate, finite, qualified; dedicated, selectiveAntonyms limited, restricted, specialized, technical

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