Synonyms and Antonyms of narrow

  1. 1 being of less than usual width found a narrow opening in the fence that he was able to squeeze through Synonyms of narrow fine, hairline, needlelike, paper-thin, skinny, slender, slim, slim-jim, thin, ultrathin Words Related to narrow attenuate, attenuated, elongate (or elongated), linear; bottleneck, close, compressed, condensed, constricted, contracted, squeezed, tight, tightened; lanky, rangy, reedy, shoestring, spindly, stalky, stringy, twiggy, willowy, wispy; lank, spare Near Antonyms of narrow chunky, squat, stocky, stumpy, thick, thickset; bulky, massive, voluminous; thickish, widish Antonyms of narrow broad, fat, wide

  2. 2 not broad or open in views or opinions a narrow person who thought that anyone who even owned a television had been morally corrupted by society Synonyms of narrow illiberal, insular, Lilliputian, little, narrow-minded, parochial, petty, picayune, provincial, sectarian, small, small-minded Words Related to narrow inflexible, ironbound, obdurate, obstinate, rigid, set, stubborn, unyielding, wrongheaded; bigoted, intolerant; biased, discriminating, discriminatory, jaundiced, one-sided, partial, partisan, prejudiced; brass bound, hidebound, old-fashioned, reactionary, stodgy, straitlaced (or straightlaced), stuffy; dogmatic (also dogmatical), opinionated, opinionative; limited; hick, unsophisticated Near Antonyms of narrow impartial, nonpartisan, objective, unbiased, unprejudiced; freethinking Antonyms of narrow broad-minded, catholic, cosmopolitan, liberal, open, open-minded, receptive, tolerant

  3. 3 having distinct or certain limits a play about human suffering, but in a narrower sense, also about the modern struggles of the working-class poor Synonyms of narrow bounded, circumscribed, defined, definite, determinate, finite, measured, limited, restrictedWords Related to narrow modified, qualified; detailed, exact, precise, specific; confined, constricted, moderate, modest; minute, puny, small, tiny; determined, fixed, settledNear Antonyms of narrow bottomless, countless, incalculable, inestimable, inexhaustible, innumerable, unfathomable; unqualified, unreserved; general, indeterminate, nebulous, vague; enlarged, escalated, expanded; copious, plenitudinous, plentiful; big, bulky, bumper, considerable, extensive, goodly, great, handsome, hefty, hulking, jumbo, king-size (or king-sized), large, largish, overscale (or overscaled), oversize (or oversized), respectable, sizable (or sizeable), substantial, super, vast, voluminous, whacking; epic, grandiose, major; ample, broad, comprehensive, cosmopolitan, expansive, global, inclusive, sweeping, universal, wholeAntonyms of narrow boundless, dimensionless, endless, illimitable, immeasurable, indefinite, infinite, limitless, measureless, unbounded, undefined, unlimited, unmeasured

  4. 4 showing little difference in the standing of the competitors a narrow gubernatorial contest, the outcome of which may depend upon a handful of votes Synonyms of narrow down-to-the-wire, hairbreadth, close, neck and neck, nip and tuck, tightWords Related to narrow crowded

  5. 5 unwilling to grant other people social rights or to accept other viewpoints a narrow man who wouldn't work for a woman simply because he refused to believe women had the proper temperament for management Synonyms of narrow bigoted, illiberal, intolerant, narrow-minded, prejudiced, small-mindedWords Related to narrow conservative, hidebound, old-fashioned, reactionary; blindfolded, blinkered, insular, parochial, provincial; biased, one-sided, partial, partisanNear Antonyms of narrow extreme, progressive, radical; impartial, objective, unbiasedAntonyms of narrow broad-minded, liberal, open-minded, tolerant, unprejudiced

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