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past tense of detail

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How does the adjective detailed differ from other similar words?

Some common synonyms of detailed are circumstantial, minute, and particular. While all these words mean "dealing with a matter fully and usually point by point," detailed stresses abundance or completeness of detail.

a detailed analysis of the event

When might circumstantial be a better fit than detailed?

Although the words circumstantial and detailed have much in common, circumstantial implies fullness of detail that fixes something described in time and space.

a circumstantial account of our visit

In what contexts can minute take the place of detailed?

The words minute and detailed can be used in similar contexts, but minute implies close and searching attention to the smallest details.

a minute examination of a fossil

When could particular be used to replace detailed?

The meanings of particular and detailed largely overlap; however, particular implies a precise attention to every detail.

a particular description of the scene of the crime

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