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  1. 1 belonging or relating to the whole do a global search and replace the misspelling throughout the whole document Synonyms across-the-board, blanket, broad-brush, common, generic, general, overall, universalRelated Words all-embracing, broad, broad-gauge (or broad-gauged), broadscale, comprehensive, extensive, inclusionary, overarching, pervasive, sweeping, ubiquitous, wholesale, wide, widespread; aggregate, collective, complete, full, plenary; planetary, worldwideNear Antonyms component, constituent; cross-sectional, divisional, fragmentary, partial; local, localized, regional, sectionalAntonyms individual, particular

  2. 2 covering everything or all important points published a global report on the plight of Third World economies Synonyms all-embracing, all-in [chiefly British], all-inclusive, broad-gauge (or broad-gauged), compendious, complete, comprehensive, cover-all, cyclopedic, embracive, exhaustive, full, encyclopedic, inclusive, in-depth, omnibus, panoramic, thorough, universalRelated Words broad, catholic, encyclical, general, inclusionary, overall; cosmic (also cosmical), extensive, far, far-reaching, grand, large, panoptic, sweeping, vast, wide, wide-ranging; blanket, indiscriminate, unrestrictedNear Antonyms circumscribed, limited, narrow, restricted, specialized; exact, precise; individual, singular, specific; incomplete, patchy, sketchy

  3. 3 having every part of the surface the same distance from the center one of the fair's more striking pavilions was a global structure with a monorail running through its center Synonyms round, globular, sphericalRelated Words annular, circular, disciform, discoid, discoidal, disklike, hooplike, ringlike; curved, looped, spiral; balled, bulbous, rotund, rounded, roundish; cylindrical (also cylindric), elliptical (or elliptic), oblong, oval, ovate, ovoid (also ovoidal)Antonyms nonspherical

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