Synonyms and Antonyms of perpetually

  1. 1 for all time a group of jaded teenagers with their perpetually bored expressions Synonyms always, aye (also ay), e'er, eternally, everlastingly, evermore, forever, forevermore, indelibly, permanently, everRelated Words enduringly, long, perenniallyNear Antonyms onceAntonyms ne'er, never, nevermore

  2. 2 on every relevant occasion the perpetually smiling host of the morning talk show Synonyms aye (also ay), consistently, constantly, continually, ever, forever, incessantly, invariably, night and day, always, unfailinglyRelated Words commonly, frequently, oft, often, oftentimes (or ofttimes), recurrently, repeatedly; continuously, steadily, uninterruptedly, unremittingly; dependably, generally, habitually, normally, ordinarily, regularly, routinely, typically, usually; inevitably; eternally, everlastinglyNear Antonyms intermittently, occasionally, periodically, sometimes, sporadically; infrequently, rarely, seldom, unusually; variouslyAntonyms ne'er, never

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a trip made at another's expense

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