Synonyms and Antonyms of perpetual

  1. 1 going on and on without any interruptions <the perpetual rise and fall of the sea> Synonyms ceaseless, continual, continued, continuing, incessant, nonstop, continuous, running, unbroken, unceasing, uninterrupted, unremittingRelated Words dateless, deathless, endless, eternal, everlasting, immortal, interminable, permanent, undying, unending; changeless, constant, stable, steady, unchanging, unvarying; durable, enduring, lasting, persistent; imperishable, indestructibleNear Antonyms intermittent, periodic, periodical, recurrent, recurring; alternate, alternating, cyclic (or cyclical), rhythmic (or rhythmical), seasonal, serial; erratic, fitful, irregular, occasional, spasmodic, sporadic, spotty, unsteadyAntonyms discontinuous, noncontinuous

  2. 2 having an existence or validity that does not change or diminish <freedom of religion is a perpetual right that is guaranteed by the nation's constitution> Synonyms ageless, continuing, dateless, enduring, eternal, everlasting, immortal, imperishable, lasting, ongoing, perennial, abiding, timeless, undyingRelated Words ceaseless, endless, permanent; changeless, constant, stable, stationary, steady, unchanging, unvaryingNear Antonyms antiquated, archaic, dated, obsolete, outdated, outmoded, out-of-date, outworn, passé

  3. 3 lasting forever <an immature jerk who seemed to be in a state of perpetual adolescence> Synonyms ceaseless, dateless, deathless, endless, eternal, immortal, permanent, everlasting, undying, unendingRelated Words durable, enduring, lasting, long-lived, persistent, stubborn; imperishable, indefeasible, indefectible, indelible, indestructible, indissoluble, inexpungible; timeless; abiding, stable, standing, steadfast, steady, unfailing, unfaltering; continual, continuing, continuous, incessant, unbroken, unceasing, uninterrupted, unremittingNear Antonyms ephemeral, evanescent, fleeting, fugacious, fugitive, momentary, passing, short-lived, transitory; interim, provisional, short-termAntonyms impermanent, mortal, temporary, transient

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