Synonyms and Antonyms of irregular

  1. 1 departing from some accepted standard of what is normal it was a bank customer's slightly irregular behavior that made people suspicious Synonyms of irregular aberrant, aberrational, abnormal, anomalous, atypical, deviate, devious, deviant, unnatural, untypicalWords Related to irregular unrepresentative; extraordinary, preternatural; rare, uncommon, uncustomary, unusual, unwonted; bizarre, curious, far-out, funny, kinky, odd, outlandish, out-of-the-way, outré, peculiar, quaint, queer, queerish, quirky, remarkable, screwy, strange, wacky (also whacky), way-out, weird, wild; eccentric, freakish, idiosyncratic, nonconformist, unconventional, unorthodox; extraordinary, preternatural; rare, uncommon, uncustomary, unusual, unwonted; odd, peculiar, strangeNear Antonyms of irregular common, commonplace, everyday, familiar, ordinary, routine, run-of-the-mill, run-of-the-mine (or run-of-mine), unexceptional, unremarkable, workaday; customary, usual, wonted; archetypal (also archetypical), average, characteristic, representativeAntonyms of irregular natural, normal, regular, standard, typical

  2. 2 lacking in steadiness or regularity of occurrence irregular mail delivery to the island Synonyms of irregular aperiodic, casual, catchy, choppy, discontinuous, episodic (also episodical), erratic, intermittent, fitful, occasional, spasmodic, spastic, sporadic, spotty, unsteadyWords Related to irregular convulsive, sudden, violent; broken, disconnected, fragmentary, interrupted; aimless, arbitrary, desultory, haphazard, hit-and-miss, hit-or-miss, odd, random, scattered, slapdash, stray; capricious, changeful, changing, flickery, fluctuating, fluid, inconstant, mercurial, mutable, temperamental, uncertain, unpredictable, unsettled, unstable, varying, wavering; changeable, fickle, variable, volatileNear Antonyms of irregular changeless, equable, even, stable, stationary, uniform; unchanging, unvarying, unwavering; methodical (also methodic), orderly, systematic; unrelenting, unremittingAntonyms of irregular constant, continuous, habitual, periodic, regular, repeated, steady

  3. 3 not having a level or smooth surface although the moon looks smooth from here, it actually has a very bumpy and irregular surface Synonyms of irregular broken, bumpy, coarse, uneven, jagged, lumpy, pebbly, ragged, rough, roughened, rugged, scraggyWords Related to irregular lopsided, unbalanced; inexact, unaligned; rutted, rutty, undulating, undulatory, wavy; pitted, pocked; knobbly, knobby, knurled, knurly, nubbly, nubby; burred, harsh, sandpapery, scraggly, scratchy; nonuniformNear Antonyms of irregular exact, uniform; aligned (also alined), regular, true; horizontal, tabular; plumb, straight, vertical; flushAntonyms of irregular even, flat, level, plane, smooth

  4. 4 not rigidly following established form, custom, or rules the request is irregular, but I'll allow it Synonyms of irregular heterodox, informal, unceremonious, unconventional, unorthodoxWords Related to irregular unauthorized, unofficial; casual, easygoing, familiar, free and easy, lax, loose, offhand, relaxed, ultracasualNear Antonyms of irregular correct, decorous, proper; constrained, inhibited, restrained, rigid, stiff, stuffy, uptightAntonyms of irregular ceremonial, ceremonious, conventional, formal, orthodox, regular, routine

  5. 5 not staying constant irregular gusts of wind Synonyms of irregular changing, erratic, fluctuating, uneven, unequal, unstable, unsteady, varyingWords Related to irregular capricious, changeable, changeful, choppy, fickle, fluid, inconsistent, inconstant, mercurial, mutable, uncertain, unsettled, variable, volatileNear Antonyms of irregular regularAntonyms of irregular changeless, constant, stable, steady, unchanging, unvarying

Synonym Discussion of irregular

irregular, anomalous, unnatural mean not conforming to rule, law, or custom. irregular implies not conforming to a law or regulation imposed for the sake of uniformity in method, practice, or conduct.
    • concerned about his irregular behavior
anomalous implies not conforming to what might be expected because of the class or type to which it belongs or the laws that govern its existence.
    • her drive made her an anomalous figure in a sleepy organization
unnatural suggests what is contrary to nature or to principles or standards felt to be essential to the well-being of civilized society.
    • prisoners treated with unnatural cruelty

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