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How is the word habitual distinct from other similar adjectives?

Some common synonyms of habitual are accustomed, customary, usual, and wonted. While all these words mean "familiar through frequent or regular repetition," habitual suggests a practice settled or established by much repetition.

a habitual morning routine

How does the word accustomed relate to other synonyms for habitual?

Accustomed is less emphatic than wonted or habitual in suggesting fixed habit or invariable custom.

accepted the compliment with her accustomed modesty

When can customary be used instead of habitual?

The meanings of customary and habitual largely overlap; however, customary applies to what accords with the practices, conventions, or usages of an individual or community.

the customary waiting period before the application is approved

When would usual be a good substitute for habitual?

In some situations, the words usual and habitual are roughly equivalent. However, usual stresses the absence of strangeness or unexpectedness.

my usual order for lunch

In what contexts can wonted take the place of habitual?

Although the words wonted and habitual have much in common, wonted stresses habituation but usually applies to what is favored, sought, or purposefully cultivated.

his wonted determination

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