Synonyms and Antonyms of born

  1. 1 being such from birth or by nature a born artist and largely self-taught, John Singleton Copley was producing accomplished portraits by the time he was in his late teens Synonyms natural, congenitalRelated Words chronic, confirmed, habitual, incorrigible, ingrained (also engrained), inveterate, proper, regular, unreconstructed, unregenerate; constitutional, consummate; elemental, elementary, essential; connate, hereditary, inborn, inherent, innate, intimate, intrinsic, native; instinctual, intuitiveNear Antonyms cultivated, developed, trained; alien, foreign, unnaturalAntonyms nonnatural

  2. 2 belonging to a particular place by birth or origin a born Texan and very proud of it Synonyms aboriginal, autochthonous, native, domestic, endemic, indigenousRelated Words local, regional; originalNear Antonyms imported, introduced, transplanted; alien, exotic, foreign, strange; expatriate, immigrantAntonyms nonindigenous, nonnative

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