Synonyms and Antonyms of bumpy

  1. 1 marked by a series of sharp quick motions a bumpy ride over a badly rutted road Synonyms jerky, choppy, herky-jerky, jouncy, roughRelated Words erratic, fitful, irregular, spasmodic, spastic, unsteady; jagged, ragged, unevenNear Antonyms calm, placid, smooth, steady, still

  2. 2 not having a level or smooth surface the bumpy road made the jeep bounce all over Synonyms broken, uneven, coarse, irregular, jagged, lumpy, pebbly, ragged, rough, roughened, rugged, scraggyRelated Words lopsided, unbalanced; inexact, unaligned; rutted, rutty, undulating, undulatory, wavy; pitted, pocked; knobbly, knobby, knurled, knurly, nubbly, nubby; burred, harsh, sandpapery, scraggly, scratchy; nonuniformNear Antonyms exact, uniform; aligned (also alined), regular, true; horizontal, tabular; plumb, straight, vertical; flushAntonyms even, flat, level, plane, smooth

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