Synonyms and Antonyms of ragged

  1. 1 having an uneven edge or outline the Rocky Mountains cut an angular, ragged profile against the sky, in contrast to the rounded silhouette of the rolling, green Adirondack Mountains Synonyms broken, craggy, jagged, scraggly, scraggy Related Words saw-toothed, serrate, serrated; harsh, rough, roughened, rugged; bumpy, coarse, irregular, nonuniform Near Antonyms regular, uniform; flat, flush, level, plane Antonyms clean, even, smooth, soft, unbroken

  2. 2 worn or torn into or as if into rags finally convinced her to throw away her favorite pair of jeans, ragged from decades of yard work Synonyms frayed, raggedy, ratty, seedy, shabby, tattered, threadbare, worn-out Related Words dowdy, scruffy, tatterdemalion; dingy, faded; lacerate (or lacerated), shredded; holey, patchy; broken-down, decrepit, dilapidated, dog-eared, grungy, mangy, moth-eaten, run-down, scuzzy [slang], tacky Near Antonyms brand-new, new, spick-and-span (or spic-and-span), unused

  3. 3 not having a level or smooth surface she cut herself on the ragged edge of the tin can's lid Synonyms broken, bumpy, coarse, irregular, jagged, lumpy, pebbly, uneven, rough, roughened, rugged, scraggyRelated Words lopsided, unbalanced; inexact, unaligned; rutted, rutty, undulating, undulatory, wavy; pitted, pocked; knobbly, knobby, knurled, knurly, nubbly, nubby; burred, harsh, sandpapery, scraggly, scratchy; nonuniformNear Antonyms exact, uniform; aligned (also alined), regular, true; horizontal, tabular; plumb, straight, vertical; flushAntonyms even, flat, level, plane, smooth

  4. 4 wearing torn or worn out clothes ragged and hungry refugees emerging from the jungle where they had been in hiding for weeks Synonyms tattered, raggedy, ragtag, tatterdemalionRelated Words bedraggled, scroungy, scruffy, shabby, threadbare; down-at-the-heels (or down-at-heel also down-at-the-heel or down-at-heels)Near Antonyms decked (out), dolled up, dressed up; spiffy

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