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  1. 1 not having a level or smooth surface the driveway is uneven and collects water in several large puddles whenever it rains Synonyms broken, bumpy, coarse, irregular, jagged, lumpy, pebbly, ragged, rough, roughened, rugged, scraggy Related Words lopsided, unbalanced; inexact, unaligned; rutted, rutty, undulating, undulatory, wavy; pitted, pocked; knobbly, knobby, knurled, knurly, nubbly, nubby; burred, harsh, sandpapery, scraggly, scratchy; nonuniform Near Antonyms exact, uniform; aligned (also alined), regular, true; horizontal, tabular; plumb, straight, vertical; flush Antonyms even, flat, level, plane, smooth

  2. 2 not staying constant the level of attendance at the ballpark has been very uneven this season Synonyms changing, erratic, fluctuating, irregular, unequal, unstable, unsteady, varying Related Words capricious, changeable, changeful, choppy, fickle, fluid, inconsistent, inconstant, mercurial, mutable, uncertain, unsettled, variable, volatile Near Antonyms regular Antonyms changeless, constant, stable, steady, unchanging, unvarying

  3. 3 inclined or twisted to one side a goofy guy with an uneven grin Synonyms askew, aslant, atilt, cock-a-hoop, cockeyed, crazy, crooked, listing, lopsided, oblique, off-kilter, pitched, skewed, slanted, slanting, slantwise, tilted, tipping, awryRelated Words asymmetrical (or asymmetric), unbalanced, unsymmetrical; contorted, disordered, distorted, irregularNear Antonyms ordered, orderly, regular, uniform; balanced, symmetrical (or symmetric)Antonyms even, level, straight

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