Synonyms and Antonyms of tilted

  1. 1 inclined or twisted to one side <stared at me with a tilted head and a quizzical look> Synonyms askew, aslant, atilt, cock-a-hoop, cockeyed, crazy, crooked, listing, lopsided, oblique, off-kilter, pitched, skewed, slanted, slanting, slantwise, awry, tipping, unevenRelated Words asymmetrical (or asymmetric), unbalanced, unsymmetrical; contorted, disordered, distorted, irregularNear Antonyms ordered, orderly, regular, uniform; balanced, symmetrical (or symmetric)Antonyms even, level, straight

  2. 2 running in a slanting direction <the floors of the old house were tilted slightly> Synonyms cant, canted, graded, inclined, leaning, listing, oblique, pitched, raked, slant, slanted, slantwise, sloped, sloping, diagonal, tiltingNear Antonyms horizontal, level; plumb, up-and-down, vertical; parallel, perpendicular

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