Synonyms and Antonyms of raggedy

  1. 1 wearing torn or worn out clothes raggedy urchins playing in the village streets Synonyms ragged, tattered, ragtag, tatterdemalionRelated Words bedraggled, scroungy, scruffy, shabby, threadbare; down-at-the-heels (or down-at-heel also down-at-the-heel or down-at-heels)Near Antonyms decked (out), dolled up, dressed up; spiffy

  2. 2 worn or torn into or as if into rags wears raggedy old T-shirts and jeans around the house Synonyms frayed, ragged, ratty, seedy, shabby, tattered, threadbare, worn-outRelated Words dowdy, scruffy, tatterdemalion; dingy, faded; lacerate (or lacerated), shredded; holey, patchy; broken-down, decrepit, dilapidated, dog-eared, grungy, mangy, moth-eaten, run-down, scuzzy [slang], tackyNear Antonyms brand-new, new, spick-and-span (or spic-and-span), unused

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