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  1. 1 free from dirt or stain <let's make the house spick-and-span for our visitors> Synonyms antiseptic, chaste, fair, immaculate, pristine, spick-and-span (or spic-and-span), spotless, squeaky-clean, stainless, unsoiled, unstained, unsulliedRelated Words pure, taintless, undefiled, unpolluted, untainted, wholesome; cleanly, germfree, hygienic, sanitary, sterile; abluted, bleached, cleansed, purified, scrubbed, washed, whitened; milky, snowy, white; flawless, unblemished; bright, shiny, sparklingNear Antonyms dingy, greasy, grimy, mucky, muddy, unwashed; defiled, germy, polluted, tainted, unsterile, unsterilized; blackened, discoloredAntonyms besmirched, dirty, filthy, foul, grubby, smirched, soiled, spotted, stained, sullied, unclean, uncleaned

  2. 2 recently made and never used before <a spick-and-span waffle iron that our host was obviously using for the first time> Synonyms brand-new, spick-and-span (or spic-and-span), unusedRelated Words clean, fresh, mint, pristine, unspoiled; untouched; newfangled, new-fashioned; natural, raw, unprocessed, untreated, unworked, virginNear Antonyms dirty, soiled, spoiled, stale; aged, beat-up, old, shabby, shopworn, well-handled, wornAntonyms hand-me-down, second hand, used

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sparing in use of food or drink

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