Synonyms and Antonyms of heterodox

  1. 1 deviating from commonly accepted beliefs or practices a Christian clergyman with a very heterodox opinion on the divinity of Jesus Synonyms dissentient, dissenting, dissident, heretical, iconoclastic, maverick, nonconformist, nonorthodox, out-there, unconventional, unorthodoxRelated Words free-spirited, freethinking, nontraditional; apostate, defecting, renegade; schismatic (also schismatical), sectarian, separatistAntonyms conforming, conformist, conventional, orthodox

  2. 2 not rigidly following established form, custom, or rules her heterodox approach to teaching science initially met with some resistance from her peers Synonyms informal, irregular, unceremonious, unconventional, unorthodoxRelated Words unauthorized, unofficial; casual, easygoing, familiar, free and easy, lax, loose, offhand, relaxed, ultracasualNear Antonyms correct, decorous, proper; constrained, inhibited, restrained, rigid, stiff, stuffy, uptightAntonyms ceremonial, ceremonious, conventional, formal, orthodox, regular, routine

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