Synonyms and Antonyms of fighter

  1. 1 a person engaged in military service <the debate whether more fighters are needed to bring order to that war-torn country> Synonyms dogface, soldier, legionary, legionnaire, man-at-arms, regular, serviceman, trooper, warriorRelated Words servicewoman; carabineer (or carabinier), cavalier, cavalryman, cuirassier, dragoon; doughboy, footman, foot soldier, grunt, infantryman; commando, raider; jarhead [slang], marine, ranger; artilleryman, cannoneer, gunner, mortarman, musketeer, rifleman; archer, crossbowman; lancer, pikeman, spearman; Confederate, Continental, Federal, GI, guardsman, militiaman, minuteman; counterguerrilla (also counterguerilla), guerrilla (or guerilla), irregular, paramilitary, partisan (also partizan); combatant, noncombatant; lifer, veteran, warhorse; conscript, draftee, enrollee, recruit; reservist; champion, knight; digger [chiefly Australian & New Zealand], gallowglass, gendarmeAntonyms civilian

  2. 2 one that engages in the sport of fighting with the fists <a program at the community center for training local youths as fighters> Synonyms boxer, gladiator, prizefighter, pug, pugilistRelated Words palooka, slugger, stumblebum; bantamweight, cruiserweight, featherweight, flyweight, heavyweight, light heavyweight, lightweight, middleweight, superheavyweight, welterweight

  3. 3 a person who takes part in a dispute <kept the two fighters apart until they had calmed down and could talk sensibly> Synonyms arguer, argufier, bickerer, brawler, debater, disputer, disputant, quarreler (or quarreller), scrapper, squabbler, wranglerRelated Words advocate, codefendant, defendant, plaintiff, pleader; challenger, contender, contestant, skirmisher; fusser, nitpicker, pettifogger, quibbler

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