Synonyms and Antonyms of contender

  1. 1 one who seeks an office, honor, position, or award <a strong contender for the mayoral position> Synonyms applicant, applier, aspirant, campaigner, candidate, expectant, hopeful, prospect, seekerRelated Words competitor, contestant, entrant, entry, favorite, qualifier; dark horse, spoiler, stalking horse; crown prince, favorite son; claimant, pretender; nominee, running mateNear Antonyms incumbent, officeholder; awardee, honoree, inductee; dropoutAntonyms noncandidate

  2. 2 one who strives for the same thing as another <several contenders competing for the title of the city's best Italian restaurant> Synonyms challenger, competition, competitor, contestant, corrival, rivalRelated Words archrival; finalist, semifinalist; also-ran, entrant, entry, player; adversary, antagonist, opponentAntonyms noncompetitor

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