Synonyms and Antonyms of backer

  1. 1 a person who actively supports or favors a cause <backers of prison reform held a rally in front of the statehouse> Synonyms advocate, advocator, apostle, exponent, booster, champion, expounder, espouser, friend, gospeler (or gospeller), herald, hierophant, high priest, paladin, promoter, proponent, protagonist, supporter, true believer, tub-thumper, white knightRelated Words loyalist, partisan (also partizan), stalwart; adherent, cohort, disciple, follower; interpreter; applauder, cheerleader, encourager, fellow travelerNear Antonyms enemy, foe, rival; belittler, critic, faultfinderAntonyms adversary, antagonist, opponent

  2. 2 a person who takes the responsibility for some other person or thing <all financial backers will be expected to offer some input into the company's decisions> Synonyms sponsor, guarantor, patron, suretyRelated Words chaperone (or chaperon); advocate, champion, supporter; angel, benefactor, underwriter; coach, mentor, teacher; cosponsor; cosignatory, cosigner

  3. 3 someone associated with another to give assistance or moral support <the student's backers spoke at the school board meeting on her behalf> Synonyms abettor (also abetter), ally, bedfellow, confederate, fellow traveler, supporter, sympathizerRelated Words empathizer, well-wisher; accessory (also accessary), accomplice, coalitionist, collaborationist, collaborator; adjunct, assistant, coadjutor, helper; associate, cohort, colleague, fellow, partner; buddy, chum, companion, comrade, confidant, crony, familiar, friend, intimate, mate, palNear Antonyms belittler, detractor; adversary, enemy, foe, opponent

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a harsh rebuke

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