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Synonyms and Antonyms of abettor

  1. 1 one associated with another in wrongdoing the man who drove the getaway car in the bank robbery was arrested as an aider and abettor Synonyms accomplice (also abetter), accessory (also accessary), cohort, confederateRelated Words collaborationist, collaborator, informant, informer; evidence, state's evidence; companion, comrade, crony, henchman, partner; conspirator, plotter, traitor; gangster, mobster, racketeer

  2. 2 someone associated with another to give assistance or moral support without all the neighborhood kids as abettors, I would never have gotten all my chickens back in their coop Synonyms ally (also abetter), backer, bedfellow, confederate, fellow traveler, supporter, sympathizerRelated Words empathizer, well-wisher; accessory (also accessary), accomplice, coalitionist, collaborationist, collaborator; adjunct, assistant, coadjutor, helper; associate, cohort, colleague, fellow, partner; buddy, chum, companion, comrade, confidant, crony, familiar, friend, intimate, mate, palNear Antonyms belittler, detractor; adversary, enemy, foe, opponent

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