Synonyms and Antonyms of antagonist

  1. 1 one that is hostile toward another please name the novel's hero and his antagonist Synonyms adversary, enemy, foe, hostile, opponentRelated Words archenemy, archfoe, nemesis; ill-wisher; bane, bête noire; assailant, attacker, combatant, invader; competitor, emulator, rivalNear Antonyms buddy, chum, compadre, crony, fellow, hail-fellow, hail-fellow-well-met, hearty, hobnobber, mate, musketeer, pal; abettor (also abetter), accomplice, ally, collaborator, colleague, comrade, confederate, friendly, partner; adherent, disciple, follower; backer, benefactor, exponent, supporter, sympathizer, well-wisherAntonyms amigo, friend

  2. 2 one that takes a position opposite another in a competition or conflict his antagonist in the boxing match Synonyms adversary, opponent, foe, rivalRelated Words equal, match; enemy; archenemy, nemesis; competitor, contestant; bane, bête noire, curse; assailant, attacker, combatant, invaderNear Antonyms accomplice, ally, confederate, partner; advocate, champion, exponent, proponent, supporter, sympathizer

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