Synonyms and Antonyms of hearty

  1. 1 characterized by unqualified enthusiasm his decision to marry at long last has the whole family's hearty approval Synonyms wholehearted, whole-souled Related Words single-minded; ardent, avid, eager, enthusiastic, excited, exuberant, fervent, gung ho, impassioned, keen, mettlesome, passionate, raring, vehement, warm, zealous; animated, energetic, lively, spirited, vigorous; absolute, bona fide, earnest, genuine, heartfelt, sincere, unaffected, undisguised, unequivocal, unfeigned, unrestrained Near Antonyms apathetic, disinterested, dispassionate, indifferent, uninterested; lackadaisical, listless, perfunctory, spiritless, uneager, unenthusiastic, unexcited; equivocal, hesitant, qualified, tentative, uncertain; delayed, dilatory, doubtful, hedging, hesitating; forced, reluctant, resistant, reticent, unwilling Antonyms grudging, halfhearted, lukewarm, tepid

  2. 2 enjoying health and vigor you're looking really hearty after that month in the clear mountain air! Synonyms able-bodied, bouncing, fit, hale, healthy, robust, sound, well, well-conditioned, whole, wholesomeRelated Words hard, hardy, iron, lusty, rugged, stalwart, strong, sturdy, tough; ambulatory, nondisabled, uncrippled; active, agile, chipper, lively, sprightful, sprightly, spry, vigorous, vital; blooming, clean-cut, flourishing, flush, prospering, thriving; all right, good, rightNear Antonyms decrepit, enfeebled, feeble, infirm, run-down, sickened, sickly, weak, weakened, weakly, worn-out; challenged, crippled, debilitated, differently abled, disabled, halt, incapacitated, lame; delicate, fragile, frail; emaciated, gaunt, haggard, malnourished, undernourished; afflicted, troubled; bad, poorlyAntonyms ailing, diseased, ill, sick, unfit, unhealthy, unsound, unwell

  3. 3 having or showing kindly feeling and sincere interest the mayor gave the assembled volunteers his hearty thanks for their restoration of the bandstand on the town square Synonyms amicable, bonhomous, buddy-buddy, chummy, collegial, companionable, comradely, cordial, genial, hail-fellow, hail-fellow-well-met, friendly, matey [chiefly British], neighborly, palsy, palsy-walsy [slang], warm, warmheartedRelated Words affable, agreeable, approachable, good-natured, good-tempered, gracious, nice, sweet; clubby, convivial, folksy, gregarious, hospitable, sociable, social; jolly, jovial, merry; extroverted (also extraverted), outgoing; brotherly, fraternal, sisterly; close, familiar, intimate; adoring, affectionate, devoted, fond, lovesome, loving, tender, tenderheartedNear Antonyms alienated, estranged; chilly, cold, cold-blooded, cool, frigid, frosty, glacial, icy, wintry (also wintery); unsociable, unsocial; aggressive, argumentative, bellicose, belligerent, combative, contentious, disputatious, pugnacious, quarrelsome, scrappy, truculent; inhospitable, inimicalAntonyms antagonistic, hostile, unfriendly

  4. 4 not showing weakness or uncertainty gave the reins a hearty tug but the horse wouldn't budge Synonyms forceful, firm, iron, lusty, robust, solid, stout, strong, sturdy, vigorousRelated Words hard, ironclad, mighty, powerful, tough, unyielding; animated, brisk, energetic, frisky, jaunty, jazzy, lively, peppy, perky, spirited, sprightful, sprightly, springy, vital, vivacious, zippy; assured, certain, confident, sanguine, secure, sureNear Antonyms feeble, fragile, frail; limp, listless, spiritless; diffident, insecure, self-doubting; characterless, effete, frail, spineless, weakened, weak-kneed, wimpy, wishy-washyAntonyms uncertain, weak



Synonyms and Antonyms of hearty

  1. one who operates or navigates a seagoing vessel gather round me hearties, and I'll tell you a sea tale that'll shiver your timbers for sure Synonyms gob, sailor, jack, jack-tar, mariner, navigator, salt, sea dog, seafarer, seaman, shipman, swab, swabbie (also swabby) [slang], tarRelated Words coxswain, crewman, deckhand, shipmate; able-bodied seaman, able seaman, lubber; powerboater, sailboater; lime-juicer [slang], limey [slang]

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