Synonyms and Antonyms of haggard

  1. suffering extreme weight loss as a result of hunger or disease the rescued hiker appeared haggard and worn after a week in the woods Synonyms cadaverous, gaunt, emaciated, skeletal, wastedRelated Words bony (also boney), lank, lanky, rawboned, scraggy, scrawny, sinewy, skinny, spare, thin; starved, underfed, undernourished; famished, hungry, starving; shriveled (or shrivelled), withered, wizenedNear Antonyms beefy, brawny, burly, fit, hale, healthy, hearty, husky; chubby, corpulent, fat, fleshy, heavyset, obese, overweight, plump, portly, pudgy, roly-poly, rotund, stocky, thickset, tubby; flabby, soft

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a trip made at another's expense

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