Synonyms and Antonyms of fleshy

  1. 1 full of juice fleshy apples, the kind good for making cider Synonyms juicy, pulpy, succulentRelated Words sappy, wateryNear Antonyms dehydrated, desiccated, dry, sere (also sear), shriveled (or shrivelled), witheredAntonyms juiceless, sapless

  2. 2 having an excess of body fat the fleshy man slowly heaved himself out of his chair Synonyms blubbery, chubby, corpulent, fat, full, gross, lardy, obese, overweight, plump, podgy [chiefly British], portly, pudgy, replete, roly-poly, rotund, round, tubbyRelated Words beefy, bulky, chunky, heavy, heavyset, plumpish, stocky, stout, thick, thickset, weighty; brawny, burly, hefty, husky; dumpy, squat, stubby; hippy, paunchy, potbellied; flabby, soft; ample, buxom, corn-fed, ripe, zaftig (also zoftig); endomorphicNear Antonyms angular, bony (also boney), gaunt, lank, lanky, rawboned, sinewy; cadaverous, emaciated, haggard, pinched, skeletal, wasted; puny, scraggy, scrawny, slight; rangy, reedy, spindling, spindly, stringy, svelte, sylphlike, twiggy, waspish, weedy, willowy; ectomorphic; anorexicAntonyms lean, skinny, slender, slim, spare, thin

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