Synonyms and Antonyms of sear

  1. 1 to burn on the surface lightly sear the steaks, but don't cook them all the way through Synonyms char, scorch, singeRelated Words fire, ignite, inflame (also enflame), kindle, light; bake, cremate, incinerate; scald, scathe

  2. 2 to make dry the clear desert air is seared by the summer sun Synonyms dehydrate, desiccate, parch, scorch, dryRelated Words dehumidify; drain; evaporate; mummify, shrivel, wither, wizen; air-dry, bakeNear Antonyms bathe, deluge, douse (also dowse), drench, drown, flood, inundate, overflow, saturate, soak, sop, souse, waterlog; damp, dampen, humidify, moisten; rehydrate; dip, dunk, submerge, swampAntonyms hydrate, wash, water, wet

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