Synonyms and Antonyms of sickly

  1. 1 chronically or repeatedly suffering from poor health a sickly foal that seemed to catch everything that the other horses had Synonyms ailing, invalid, weakly Related Words bedfast, bedridden; delicate, fragile, frail; dying, fading, incurable, moribund; challenged, debilitated, incapacitated, lame; decrepit, enfeebled, feeble, infirm, weak, weakened, worn-out; ill, indisposed, peaked, poorly, run-down, sick, unhealthy, unsound, unwell Near Antonyms able-bodied, fit, hale, hearty, sound, well-conditioned, whole, wholesome Antonyms healthy, well

  2. 2 bad for the well-being of the body lungs scarred by years of exposure to the sickly air of the coal mines Synonyms insalubrious, noisome, noxious, unhealthy, unhealthful, unwholesomeRelated Words germy, insanitary, unhygienic, unsanitary; nonnutritious; poisonous, toxic; fatal, lethal, mortalNear Antonyms hygienic, sanitary; nutritiousAntonyms healthful, healthy

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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