Synonyms and Antonyms of nemesis

  1. 1 one who inflicts punishment in return for an injury or offense Batman is the Joker's main nemesis and always foils his wicked plots Synonyms avenger, castigator, chastiser, punisher, scourge, vigilante Related Words revenger; redresser, righter; requiter Near Antonyms ransomer, redeemer, vindicator

  2. 2 suffering, loss, or hardship imposed in response to a crime or offense social ostracism was once society's nemesis for those who defied its sexual mores Synonyms castigation, chastisement, comeuppance, correction, desert(s), discipline, punishment, penalty, wrathRelated Words reprisal, retaliation, retribution, revenge, vengeance; assessment, charge, fine, mulct; example, sentence; confinement, imprisonment, incarceration; condemnation, damnation, denouncement; censure, criticism, rebuke, reprimand, reproofNear Antonyms amnesty, indemnity, pardon, parole; acquittal, exculpation, exoneration, vindication; exemption, immunity, impunity; release; commutation, reprieve; absolution, forgiveness, remission, remitment; condonation, disregard, overlooking

  3. 3 a source of harm or misfortune irrationality is the nemesis of democracy, for good government depends upon the wisdom of the electorate Synonyms affliction, curse, bane, scourgeRelated Words hex, hoodoo, jinx; danger, hazard, menace, peril, risk, threat, trouble; booby trap, catch, pitfall, snagNear Antonyms advantage, aid, assistance, gift, help, relief, support; comfort, consolation, solace; delight, joy, pleasure; armor, defense, guard, protection, safeguard, safety, security, shieldAntonyms benefit, blessing, boon, felicity, godsend, good, manna, windfall

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