Synonyms and Antonyms of correction

  1. 1 a change designed to correct or improve a written work the copy editor's corrections were marked in red Synonyms amendment, emendation Related Words cut, deletion; addition, amplification, supplement; adjustment, alteration, modification, revision; improvement, renovation; clarification, explanation, explication

  2. 2 suffering, loss, or hardship imposed in response to a crime or offense received a severe correction after the third offense Synonyms castigation, chastisement, comeuppance, punishment, desert(s), discipline, nemesis, penalty, wrathRelated Words reprisal, retaliation, retribution, revenge, vengeance; assessment, charge, fine, mulct; example, sentence; confinement, imprisonment, incarceration; condemnation, damnation, denouncement; censure, criticism, rebuke, reprimand, reproofNear Antonyms amnesty, indemnity, pardon, parole; acquittal, exculpation, exoneration, vindication; exemption, immunity, impunity; release; commutation, reprieve; absolution, forgiveness, remission, remitment; condonation, disregard, overlooking

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