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  1. 1 an act or instance of helping I could use your help getting this tire back on the car Synonyms abetment, aid, assist, assistance, backing, boost, hand, helping hand, leg up, lift, support Related Words advancement, encouragement, facilitation, forwarding, furtherance, furthering, nurturance; benefaction, patronage, promotion, sponsorship; advice, care, counsel, guidance, mentoring; attendance, attention, hand-holding, service; beneficence, charity, favor, kindness, philanthropy; assuagement, palliation, relief, succor Near Antonyms constraint, frustration, inhibition, interference, obstruction, repression, restraint; deterrence, discouragement Antonyms hindrance

  2. 2 a thing that helps the computer is a great help for writing reports Synonyms advantage, aid, asset, benefit, boon Related Words hand, lift, pick-me-up; support, sustenance; blessing, godsend, windfall; recourse, refuge, resort, resource Near Antonyms constraint, inhibitor, liability, obstacle, obstruction, restraint, stranglehold Antonyms disadvantage, drawback, encumbrance, hindrance, impediment, minus

  3. 3 a body of persons at work or available for work it's so hard to get good help these days Synonyms force, labor force, manpower, personnel, pool, staff, workforceRelated Words labor, proletariat, rank and file; band, company, crew, gang, outfit, party, squad, team; employee (also employe), helper, hireling, worker; blood; support



Synonyms and Antonyms of help

  1. 1 to provide (someone) with what is useful or necessary to achieve an end offered to help her widowed father when he moved into an apartment Synonyms abet, aid, assist, back, backstop, prop (up), support Related Words advance, ease, facilitate, forward, foster, further, launch; champion, endorse (also indorse), patronize, promote, sponsor; attend, care (for), comfort, minister (to), succor; sustain; bolster, boost, buttress, reinforce (also reenforce); advise, counsel, guide, mentor, nurture; bail out, deliver, rescue, save; embolden, encourage, hearten; benefit, favor, oblige, profit, serve Phrases bear a hand, to stand one in good stead Near Antonyms balk, bar, block, constrain, hamper, handicap, hold back, impede, inhibit, obstruct, restrain, strangle; baffle, foil, frustrate, inconvenience, interfere, oppose, sabotage, thwart; desert, disappoint, fail, let down; discourage, dishearten; repress, retard, stifle, straiten, stunt; damage, harm, hurt, injure Antonyms hinder

  2. 2 to make more bearable or less severe the new ointment didn't help Josh's sunburn one bit Synonyms allay, alleviate, assuage, ease, mitigate, mollify, palliate, relieve, soothe Related Words abate, lighten, moderate, soften, temper; cure, heal, remedy; amend, correct, emend, fix, mend, rectify, reform, repair; ameliorate, better, enhance, enrich, improve, meliorate, perfect, refine Near Antonyms harm, hurt, impair, injure; heighten, intensify, sharpen Antonyms aggravate, exacerbate

  3. 3 to keep from happening by taking action in advance they couldn't help the way things turned out Synonyms avert, forestall, head off, prevent, obviate, preclude, stave offRelated Words anticipate, provide; negate, neutralize, nullify; save; baffle, balk, checkmate, deter, foil, frustrate, thwart; bar, block, hamper, hinder, impede, interfere (with), retard, stall; deflect, fend (off), stop, ward (off); avoid, circumvent, dodge, duck, elude, escape, eschew, evade, shake, shirk, shun; forbid, inhibit, prohibit; arrest, check, halt, stop; compensate (for), counteract, counterbalance, make up (for), offsetNear Antonyms abet, aid, assist; ease, facilitate, smooth, unclog; advance, cultivate, encourage, forward, foster, further, nurture, promote; allow, leave, let, permit

  4. 4 to provide with something useful or desirable being independently wealthy certainly helped him during his years as a struggling young artist Synonyms advantage, avail, benefit, profit, serveRelated Words succeed, work (for); aid, assist; better, improve; content, delight, gladden, gratify, please, satisfy; blessNear Antonyms hinder, impede; damage, harm, hurt, impair, injure; afflict, distress, upset

  5. 5 to make better some minor revisions would help this essay immensely Synonyms ameliorate, amend, better, enhance, enrich, improve, meliorate, perfect, refine, upgradeRelated Words correct, emend, rectify, reform, remediate, remedy; edit, fine-tune, redraft, refurbish, rehab, rehabilitate, revamp, revise, rework; beef (up), boost, fortify, intensify, reinforce (also reenforce), strengthen; fine, hone, polish; retouch, touch upNear Antonyms damage, endamage, harm, hurt, impair, injure, spoil, tarnish, vitiate; blemish, blight, deface, disfigure, flaw, mar; diminish, lessen, lower, reduceAntonyms worsen

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