Synonyms and Antonyms of party

  1. 1 a social gathering we're all invited to the big party to celebrate the end of the year Synonyms of party affair, bash, binge, blast, blowout, do, event, fete (or fête), function, get-together, powwow, reception, shindig Words Related to party benefit, fund-raiser; ball, dance, formal, prom; celebration, gala, occasion; bacchanal, bacchanalia, orgy, saturnalia; bake, clambake, cocktail party, hen party, house party, housewarming, icebreaker, kaffeeklatsch, kegger (also keg party), klatch (also klatsch), masquerade, meet and greet, mixer, salon, shower, social, soiree (or soirée), stag, supper, symposium, tea, tea party

  2. 2 a group of people acting together within a larger group a small party got together to protest the new chairman's decision Synonyms of party bloc, block, body, coalition, faction, sect, set, side, wingWords Related to party splinter, split; crew, gang, pack, team; denomination, persuasion; schism, scission; caucus, movement

  3. 3 a group of people working together on a task a search party Synonyms of party army, band, brigade, company, crew, outfit, gang, platoon, squad, teamWords Related to party battalion, corps, troop; force, host, posse, stable, troupe; administration, department, help, personnel, staff

  4. 4 a member of the human race my grandfather's a determined old party, so don't underestimate him Synonyms of party baby, being, bird, bod [British], body, character, cookie (or cooky), creature, customer, devil, duck, egg, face, fish, guy, head, human being, individual, life, man, mortal, human, person, personage, scout, slob, sort, soul, specimen, stiff, thing, wightWords Related to party hominid, homo, humanoid; brother, fellow, fellowman, neighbor; celebrity, personality, self, somebodyNear Antonyms of party animal, beast, beastie, brute, critter

  5. 5 a usually small number of persons considered as a unit for parties of more than six people the restaurant automatically adds a 15% service charge to the bill Synonyms of party array, band, batch, battery, body, boodle, bunch, cluster, clutch, consort, constellation, crop, grouping, huddle, knot, lot, parcel, group, passelWords Related to party assembly, collective, congregation, gathering, muster, organization; circle, clan, clique, coterie, fellowship, gang, ring, round, set; faction, guild (also gild), order, school, sect; brigade, crew, outfit, phalanx, platoon, posse, task force, team; alliance, bloc, coalition, confederacy, confederation, federation, league, union; battalion, squadron; bevy, brood, coveyNear Antonyms of party individual, single

  6. 6 one who takes part in something a party to the agreement Synonyms of party actor, partaker, participator, participant, player, sharerWords Related to party accessory (also accessary), aide, assistant, helper; colleague, partnerNear Antonyms of party bystander, looker-on, observer, onlooker, spectator, watcher; wallflowerAntonyms of party nonparticipant

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