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as in to call
to bring together in assembly by or as if by command all the supporters that I could muster for the fund-raising campaign

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as in to contain
to be made up of the corps of regular wine drinkers musters only about 10% of the population

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How is the word muster different from other verbs like it?

Some common synonyms of muster are call, cite, convene, convoke, and summon. While all these words mean "to demand the presence of," muster suggests a calling up of a number of things that form a group in order that they may be exhibited, displayed, or utilized as a whole.

mustered the troops

How are the words call and summon related as synonyms of muster?

Call may be used less formally for summon.

called the legislature into special session

When would cite be a good substitute for muster?

The meanings of cite and muster largely overlap; however, cite implies a summoning to court usually to answer a charge.

cited for drunken driving

How do convene and convoke relate to one another, in the sense of muster?

Convene is somewhat less formal than convoke.

convened the students

When might convoke be a better fit than muster?

In some situations, the words convoke and muster are roughly equivalent. However, convoke implies a summons to assemble for deliberative or legislative purposes.

convoked a Vatican council

When is summon a more appropriate choice than muster?

While the synonyms summon and muster are close in meaning, summon implies the exercise of authority.

was summoned to answer charges

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