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  1. 1 a meeting featuring a group discussion a public forum called to find out how residents felt about a large discount store being built in their neighborhood Synonyms colloquy, conference, council, panel, panel discussion, parley, powwow, round-robin, roundtable, seminar, symposium Related Words colloquium; caucus, town meeting; assembly, conclave, congregation, congress, consistory, convention, convocation, synod; debate, deliberation; brainstorming; chat room, newsgroup

  2. 2 a place or opportunity for communicating ideas and information that Web site serves as a forum for movie buffs who are passionate about their likes and dislikes Synonyms venue, medium, outlet, platform, soapboxRelated Words channel, conduit, pipeline; showcase, stage

  3. 3 an assembly of persons for the administration of justice a jury may have acquitted Lizzie Borden, but she was guilty of murder in the forum of public opinion Synonyms bar, bench, court, tribunalRelated Words criminal court, judicatory, judicature, judiciary; high court, supreme court; court-martial, drumhead court-martial; inquisition, kangaroo court

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