Synonyms and Antonyms of conduit

  1. 1 a long hollow cylinder for carrying a substance (as a liquid or gas) <the major conduit for carrying water to the military base> Synonyms channel, pipe, duct, leader, line, penstock, trough, tubeRelated Words drain, drainpipe, funnel, hydrant, main, smokestack, spout, standpipe, stovepipe, tile, waste pipe, waterspout; pipage (or pipeage), pipeline, piping

  2. 2 an open man-made passageway for water <water flowed along the conduit to the fountain> Synonyms aqueduct, canal, channel, course, flume, racecourse, raceway, watercourse, waterwayRelated Words millrace, millstream; floodway, sluice, sluiceway, spillway; swash, tideway, torrent; gutter, trough; river, rivulet, stream

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