Synonyms and Antonyms of colloquy

  1. 1 a meeting featuring a group discussion attended a colloquy on economic globalization Synonyms forum, conference, council, panel, panel discussion, parley, powwow, round-robin, roundtable, seminar, symposiumRelated Words colloquium; caucus, town meeting; assembly, conclave, congregation, congress, consistory, convention, convocation, synod; debate, deliberation; brainstorming; chat room, newsgroup

  2. 2 an exchange of views for the purpose of exploring a subject or deciding an issue the subject of the spirited colloquy was the disputed authorship of the plays attributed to Shakespeare Synonyms argument, argumentation, argy-bargy [chiefly British], back-and-forth, discussion, confab, confabulation, conference, consult, consultation, council, counsel, debate, deliberation, dialogue (also dialog), give-and-take, palaver, parley, talkRelated Words bull session, chat room, forum, meeting, powwow, roundtable, seminar, skull session (also skull practice), symposium, talkathon; chat, conversation, rap, words; discourse, disquisition; bargaining, consultancy, negotiation, pourparler

  3. 3 talking or a talk between two or more people a casual colloquy between two old colleagues in the faculty lounge Synonyms chat, conversation, converse, dialogue (also dialog), discourse, discussion, exchangeRelated Words banter, chaff, cross fire, give-and-take, persiflage, raillery, repartee; conference, parley, powwow; babble, chatter, chin-wag [slang], chitchat, confabulation, gabfest, gossip, natter [chiefly British], palaver, prate, prattle, rap, small talk, table talk; round-robin, roundtable, symposium; debate, deliberation

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