Synonyms and Antonyms of circulate

  1. 1 to cause to be known over a considerable area or by many people circulate the plans for the new stadium around town to get people's reaction Synonyms broadcast, spread, disseminate, propagateRelated Words radiate, sprawl; diffuse, dispense, disperse, dissipate, scatter, sow; communicate, convey, impart, pass (on), transmitNear Antonyms cloak, conceal, enshroud, hide, hold (in), mask, obscure, secrete, shroud, veil; contain, limit, restrict

  2. 2 to make (as a piece of information) the subject of common talk without any authority or confirmation of accuracy circulated a rumor that someone was about to be fired Synonyms bruit (about), rumor, noise (about or out), whisperRelated Words bandy (about), blab, dish, gossip, tattle; bare, disclose, divulge, expose, let on (about), report, reveal, spill, tell; hint, imply, insinuate, intimate, suggest; blaze, broadcast, proclaim, promulgate, propagate, publicize, spread

  3. 3 to become known the prince denies the story about an extramarital affair that's been circulating in the tabloids Synonyms break, get out, come out, get about, get around, get round, leak (out), out, spreadRelated Words develop, transpire, unfold; disclose, reveal, spill, tellNear Antonyms hush (up), suppress; conceal, disguise, hide, mask; secrete

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