Synonyms and Antonyms of unfold

  1. 1 to arrange the parts of (something) over a wider area carefully unfold that antique map so that it doesn't tear Synonyms expand, extend, fan (out), flare (out), outspread, outstretch, spread (out), stretch (out), open, unfurlRelated Words overspreadNear Antonyms compact, compress, condense, reduceAntonyms close, contract, fold

  2. 2 to gradually become clearer or more detailed as the situation unfolded, it became clear that more help would be needed Synonyms elaborate, evolve, developRelated Words advance, fare, forge, get along, get on, march, proceed, progress; blossom, grow, mature, ripen; materialize; emerge, play out

  3. 3 to produce flowers the rosebud unfolded literally overnight Synonyms blossom, blow, burgeon (also bourgeon), effloresce, flower, bloomRelated Words leaf, leave; bud; openNear Antonyms dry up, fade, shrivel, wilt, wither; die, drop, expire, perish

  4. 4 to come into view the majestic landscape unfolded before us Synonyms come out, materialize, show, show up, turn up, appearRelated Words reappear, resurface; bulk, loom; arrive, come; dawn, debut; arise, blossom, bob (up), break, break out, crop (up), emerge, erupt, issue, outcrop, rise, shoot (up), spring (up), surface; happen, occur; reappear, rematerializeNear Antonyms depart, leave, retire, withdrawAntonyms clear, disappear, dissolve, evanesce, evaporate, fade, go (away), melt (away), vanish

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