Synonyms and Antonyms of eschew

  1. to get or keep away from (as a responsibility) through cleverness or trickery the minister eschews involvement in local politics, since he doesn't want to diminish his moral authority in the community Synonyms avoid, dodge, duck, elude, escape, evade, finesse, get around, scape, shake, shirk, shuffle (out of), shun, weasel (out of)Related Words miss; avert, deflect, divert, obviate, parry, prevent, ward (off); ban, bar, debar, eliminate, except, exclude, preclude, rule out; bypass, circumvent, skirt; foil, fox, frustrate, outfox, outsmart, outwit, overreach, thwartNear Antonyms accept, court, embrace, pursue, seek, welcome; catch, contract, incur

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