Synonyms and Antonyms of worker

  1. 1 a person who does very hard or dull work a champion of the rights of the farm workers who pick the nation's fruits and vegetables Synonyms dogsbody [chiefly British], drone, drudge, drudger, fag, foot soldier, grub, grubber, grunt, laborer, peon, plugger, slavey, slogger, toiler, slaveRelated Words workhorse; coolie, serfNear Antonyms goldbrick, shirker; drone, idler, lazybones, loafer, slouch, slug, sluggard

  2. 2 one who works for another for wages or a salary a factory owner who is known for his fair and generous treatment of his workers Synonyms hand, hireling, jobholder, retainer, employeeRelated Words assistant, cog, flunky (also flunkey or flunkie), subordinate, underling, yes-man; drudge, gandy dancer, grub, hack, jobber, laborer, navvy [chiefly British], toiler; nine-to-fiver, wage earner, wage slave, wageworker, workingman, workingwoman, workman, workwoman; associate, colleague, coworker; temp, temporaryNear Antonyms boss, superior, supervisorAntonyms employer, gaffer [British]

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