Synonyms and Antonyms of retainer

  1. 1 a person hired to perform household or personal services knights being dressed for battle by their retainers Synonyms daily [British], domestic, flunky (also flunkey or flunkie), lackey, menial, servant, slavey, stewardRelated Words butler, footman, groom, houseboy, houseman, majordomo, man, manservant, servitor, valet; handmaiden (also handmaid), housekeeper, housemaid, lady-in-waiting, maid, maidservant, wench, woman; assistant, attendant, companion, factotum, follower; dogsbody [chiefly British], drudge, gofer (or gopher)Near Antonyms boss, captain, chief, foreman, head, headman, helmsman, kingpin, leader, taskmasterAntonyms master, mistress

  2. 2 one who works for another for wages or a salary lifelong civil service retainers Synonyms hand, hireling, jobholder, employee, workerRelated Words assistant, cog, flunky (also flunkey or flunkie), subordinate, underling, yes-man; drudge, gandy dancer, grub, hack, jobber, laborer, navvy [chiefly British], toiler; nine-to-fiver, wage earner, wage slave, wageworker, workingman, workingwoman, workman, workwoman; associate, colleague, coworker; temp, temporaryNear Antonyms boss, superior, supervisorAntonyms employer, gaffer [British]

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